Marissa G. says

This shop really is the queen of donuts. And bagels. And sandwiches. And boba.

A transformer blew in the neighborhood so we were in need of breakfast foods. I tried the red velvet donut, which was out of this world amazing. Next was the ham and cream cheese croissant, which was flaky and filled to the brim. I also got a Thai iced tea and it was perfectly made. My total for all three items, plus their $0.45 fee for debit purchases under $10 was $7.99 and it was quite a bargain.

They serve all sorts of cronuts, bagels, sandwiches and donuts. I can't wait to go back!

Joseph R. says

Donut Queen is my all time favorite donut shop! Delicious donuts and French Roast Coffee , and does not stop there! I love the Egg, Bacon, Ham bagel sandwich and also the Spicy Sausage and Egg bagel. She has excellent FRESH squeezed 100% orange juice that gives me more energy than the coffee! I also love her banana/strawberry shake!! For Lunch I like the Roast Beef and Turkey sandwiches the best. She uses fresh ingredients and has very friendly girls that work there. All valley locals know about this place and I'm very happy to work so close to Donut Queen I go there every day! It's very nice atmosphere and overall an awesome Classic donut shop. All Hail!!! * * * * * STARS to The Donut Queen!

Ashley R. says

This spot is clean, great customer service and large variety of donuts. Awesome spot!

Ayelet H.

I just love going there, not only for their fresh tasty donuts bagels and coffee but also for their friendly family oriented service. The place is neat uper clean and organized. Ables are cleannnnn not sticky . Easy to sccess ftom ventura blvd. It's not just another coffee shop or breakfast place .. it's like family.

S. T. says

Been going here for years. I love the ham and cheese croissants. My son thinks their donuts are the most delicious. My girlfriend stops there almost every day for her kids before dropping them off at school. She says it sets them up for a positive school day. The service is excellent, and when I used the restroom, I saw the kitchen was spotless. I highly recommend this great donut shop if you're around the Tarzana and Woodland Hills area..